Top Rated Sprinkler Repairs

The sprinklers outside of your home are crucial when it comes to keeping your landscape fully watered and looking great. While these systems can be reliable for quite some time, that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems that pop up. At Las Vegas Irrigation Repair we urge you to contact a professional to help with sprinkler repairs if you find yourself in any of the situations below.

– Broken Sprinklers

Sprinklers can break from old age, being stepped on, or many other physical impacts. Unfortunately this can cause them to stop working and either cease to blast water or blast too much water onto your lawn. In order to fix this, it’s best to call in a professional so they can inspect the issue. With their help you’ll learn whether you need to have the sprinkler replaced or can have a quick repair done to remedy the problem.

– Sprinkler Shooting Water

If you notice water shoots out from your sprinkler this could be a problem with piping or many other parts on the unit. When you call a professional they’ll be able to tell you exactly what the issue is so it can be repaired quickly and without a lot of damage to your lawn.

– Inefficient Design

A smart sprinkler design is crucial to ensure your lawn and landscape are provided with the amount of water that they need. If you notice too much or not enough water is going to certain areas, then you may need to have the system re-designed. A professional will inspect and then change this to the optimal layout so you save water and see your landscape flourish.

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